• 0.460" M/L Bore
  • 5" Bell
  • Broad Bell Flare
  • 2 Piece Yellow & Rose Brass Bell
  • Thick One Piece Yellow Brass Lead-Pipe
  • Reverse Lead-Pipe Configuration
  • Stainless Steel Valves
  • Brass Inner Slides
  • Nickel Outer Slides


Geneva Joshol Bb Trumpet

The Geneva Joshol trumpet design concepts are focused for the specific requirements of the wide spectrum of commercial music ensemble settings.  


The Joshol trumpet features an extra thick, one piece yellow brass lead-pipe with a reverse lead-pipe configuration. This extra thick one piece design provides added focus to the core sound giving a better response and greater projection. The omission of stays on the main tuning slide also assist to the instrument’s unparalleled open sound and superior projection.


The Joshol trumpet’s reverse lead-pipe configuration allows the air to flow uninterrupted for a longer period of time, removing the back pressure caused by the tuning slide ridge on a standard lead-pipe configuration. The reverse lead-pipe model also allows for a longer taper in the lead-pipe delivering superior tuning and response.


The Geneva Joshol trumpet features a 2 piece yellow brass bell construction with rose brass flare. This two piece bell provides the clear sound from the yellow brass with a subtle depth of tone from the rose brass flare. The Joshol trumpet bell design produces an extremely versatile sound making it the quintessential trumpet for a varied number of musical applications.


The Joshol trumpet is supplied with both standard and heavy valve bottom options for the player’s personal preference. The benefits of the extra weight in the heavy bottoms include added focus to the instrument’s core sound and greater projection.



Instrument Options

  • Choice of Custom Finishes
  • Custom Engraving
  • Selection of Valve Tops & Bottoms
  • Semi Precious Stone Inlays




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