Custom Built Brass Instruments

Since 2001 Geneva Instruments have been working with some of the World’s leading brass players pushing the boundaries of brass instrument engineering.This has led to Geneva Instruments producing some of the finest Custom built brass musical instruments, made to the specific requirements of the individual player.


The Geneva Instruments team have the skills and experience to design and build an instrument that best suits a given player. A consultation with a Geneva designer, taking into account a wide range of individual variables enables the Geneva team to provide a complete, personal service. Whether you are looking for improved sound, quicker response, extreme upper register or after an instrument to suit your specific musical applications, the Geneva Instruments team can assist you acheive your goals with your own  Custom-Made instrument.



Semi-Precious Valve Buttons
Geneva Custom Bb Trumpet

Bespoke Service

British Jazz Trumpet Player of the Year, Steve Waterman has been a Geneva Artist for over 10 years. Steve has his own custom-made trumpet and flugel horn and commented on the bespoke service from Geneva; “I spent a full day at the Geneva Instruments’ workshop in North Yorkshire with their head designer and learned so much about trumpets. Previously I’d just picked up a trumpet and played it. I was asked what I liked about the trumpet I was playing and how it could be improved, taking it to bits, trying different valves, different tubes and pipes. Geneva Instruments believe in customising to meet individuals’ needs: brass players can go to them and try various parts and put together an instrument that suits them.”




Acheive Your Goals

Geneva Custom instruments truly are state-of-the-art tailor-made instruments, made one at a time for each individual player that we work with. 


The Geneva Custom instruments are competitively priced making it affordable for brass players to own their own tailor-made instrument.


Geneva Custom instruments and available with elegant hand engraving, valve top/bottom options, semi-precious finger buttons and a vast selection of luxury instrument finishes including raw brass, 24K gold and brushed finish.


Contact us for more information on Geneva Custom instruments.

Geneva Custom Engraving
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